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Laptop & Computer Repairs 

Remote Maintenance & Support   *    Network & Backup Management

Data Recovery  *  Security  *  IT Design  *  Instant Support  *  Repair

Our  IT Services are designed to bring
you peace of mind, 


IT Consulting

 IT Consulting  &  Managed Services  (remote network and server support)

Web Services  Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Setup, Email & Web Servers in cloud

 Web Design

 Web Design,  Re-Design  &  Web Maintenance    
Data SECURITY  Protect your Data now and forever.
W i F i  SECURE Wireless Internet Access for your Home / Office / Residence / HOA




Support Tools

Remote Win

Remote MAC


Property Managers:
    Are you in compliance with Senate Bill 05-100 ?
Here is Your Easy Solution:
         Individual  HOA Web Sites   

Experience you can trust   

Over 25 years of  experience guarantees quick results and helps you stay within your  budget. 
By taking the time to understand your business and analyzing your information 
technology needs, we will achieve extraordinary results for you.


Currently multiple laptops available for sale, from $40 to $350.

Windows 10, all software loaded.

Send text to  970 379 6993  for office visit time to check them out.



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